Warehousing Services

Warehousing services in indoor warehouses are available at the Dettendorfer sites in Nußdorf, Kiefersfelden, Verona and Geesthacht. Additional services such as picking, quality controls, repacking and the like can also be offered at the sites in Nußdorf, Kiefersfelden and Geesthacht.


Since the end of 2014 our location Logistics Park Kiefersfelden can offer a new and modern warehouse: 

  • Warehousing logistics
  • paletting
  • labelling
  • order picking
  • shipment
  • 3.000 m² warehouse area 
  • 4 backwards ramps
  • 1 sideways ramp
  • 3.000 palette spaces (high bay and block storage)
  • temperature controlled, alarmed and under video surveillance
  • DV supported space management and identification of the current barcode systems
  • Certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, IFS 

Our warehousing capacities at a glance:

  • Nußdorf/Flintsbach: 2.800 m² indoor warehousing 
  • Verona (Italien): 1.000 m² of indoor warehousing (rail connection available)
  • Kiefersfelden: 10.000 m² outdoor warehousing, 3.000 m² warehouse area for 3.000 palette spaces (rail connection available) 
  • Könitz: 230.000 m² outdoor warehousing for steel and bulk goods (rail connection available)
  • Geesthacht: 4.680 m² indoor high-bay storage


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