For many years, a raffle has been organized for employees of the Dettendorf Group during the Christmas season, and this was the case again recently. Employees from various locations had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, win great prizes and thus donate to a good cause.

This time, two suggestions were even selected from numerous proposals from the workforce. On the one hand, a collection was made for Claudia from Kufstein. She was born almost 30 years ago with a congenital malformation of the hip socket and has been going through a difficult ordeal ever since. Her life has so far consisted of countless operations, severe pain and serious complications, so that at some point she decided to have her affected leg removed. Donations were made for a specially adapted and converted car to enable people to participate in social life independently and mobile again.

The second proposal selected by the employees was for 46-year-old Alma, also from Kufstein. The single mother of three was diagnosed with bowel cancer a few years ago and has been fighting for her life day by day ever since. At the time of the action, she was being treated at the University Hospital in Innsbruck. However, the resources there were exhausted at some point, as there are still no new forms of therapy according to the current state of conventional medicine. Instead, she heard about a treatment at the Center for Alternative Cancer Therapy in Stuttgart and so it was her greatest wish to try this too. The costs are not covered by health insurance and amount to 15.000 euro.

Fortunately, a total of 4.500 euro was collected by all colleagues, which was topped up to 9.000 euro by the management. An auction was also held at the annual Christmas party, raising an incredible total of 10.170 euro. We are delighted that we were able to present Claudia and Alma with a check for 5.085 euro each. In this way, almost 37.000 euro have been donated to families in need from colleagues and/or from the region in the last six years alone.

In the picture from left to right: Thomas Müllauer (Claudia’s suggestion), Thomas Rinnhofer (authorized signatory / organizer), Claudia Waldvogl, Georg Dettendorfer (Managing Director). Alma is currently undergoing therapy and was unfortunately unable to attend the cheque presentation in person due to her weak immune system.


We wish them both all the best from the bottom of our hearts.